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Pressure Washing

House Washing In The Portland Metro Area

Are you looking for professional House Washing services in Portland or surrounding areas? We have years of experience providing expert House Washing services throughout Portland & the surrounding region. We provide low pressure house washing, known in the professional power washing industry as the “Soft Wash” method. house washing Portland or  Vinyl Siding Cleaning in Portland & Surrounds.  It is reliant on minimal pressure and uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents to remove stains, cleaning and restoring all substrates without risk of damage which can easily be caused by excessive high pressure water cleaning.  Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal. Soft Washing  Soft Washing is a process that is the only recommended methodology for cleaning houses and other surfaces in the Power Washing industry. High pressure water cleaning can be extremely damaging to a number of surfaces and substrates, including vinyl siding, aluminum siding, bricks, sandstone and other natural stone, wood, painted surfaces and more.

We understand that water alone can only do so much and as with any cleaning procedure, whether it be cleaning your teeth or washing your car, you need suitable cleaning products to finish the job. Soft Washing allows the cleaning agents or products to do the heavy lifting. This way damaging high powered pressurized water jetting can be avoided along with its potential to cause irrevocable damage.

Why Soft Wash?

High pressure water can destroy the face of brick or stonework. It can also force water between aluminum or vinyl siding. Once water is forced in between the gaps of the siding, moisture becomes trapped. This can lead to and will lead to problems with accelerated moss and algae growth on the outside of your homes walls, roof, gutters, eaves but most alarming it can lead to accelerated growth of other micro-organisms on the inside of your home, such as mold, raising damp and mildew. These can cause not only structurally problems and thousands of dollars in repair costs but also health particularly respiratory issues. This is especially of concern if you have young children in the house. Studies have shown children are much more susceptible of developing asthma and other respiratory health problems if exposed to such micro-organisms in their developmental years.

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Premier House Washing in Portland

We have many years experience in the House Washing industry. We have cleaned hundreds of homes in Portland and surrounding areas over the years. We understand the nature of House Washing and understand that each substrate has different tolerances and needs to be treated slightly differently. We use a range of nozzles and attachments on our power washing machines and equipment to effectively clean each substrate most effectively. We generally use no more than 500 PSI when cleaning homes.

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Vinyl Siding Cleaning Services

Vinyl siding cleaning Portland Need Vinyl Siding Cleaning in Portland, OR? We offer Expert House Washing services throughout the Portland Metropolitan area and surrounding areas and regularly provide Vinyl Siding Cleaning to Residential & Commercial clientele.  Vinyl Siding is a delicate and fragile substrate to work with and is susceptible to damage when undertaking Power Washing or Pressure Washing services. Soft Washing For Vinyl Siding  Minimal pressure is the only recommended method for cleaning Vinyl and Aluminum Siding. When excessive or high pressure is used to clean the siding of a home or building, water is easily forced into the small gaps between each siding. Once water is forced in behind the siding, moisture is trapped and get cause accelerated growth of detrimental micro-organisms such as mold, mildew, algae, and raising damp.  This is not only aesthetically displeasing for home or property owners but it can also lead to very costly repairs or even more expensive replacement costs. In fact entire homes have been rendered uninhabitable because of internal problems with mold, mildew and raising damp.

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